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These Ain't Your Grandma's Pranks!

Thanks for coming to Call! Here at call prank, we work to deliver you access to hysterical videos and recordings. We also deliver all the tools you need to prank your friends.

Prank Phone Calls Get a New Image

Prank calls have been around since the telephone was invented and it's not going to go away anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that pranking someone over the phone has to be done the old fashioned way! Sure, we've all heard the Arnold Schwarzenegger prank calls and the other celebrity soundboards (like all the Chris Tucker ones) that are used to fool unsuspecting patsies. While arnold pranks used to be the cats meow in the pranking world, it's time to pass the torch to the new king of the call.

So who is this mysterious marvel, this April fools phenomenon, this beast of the best prank? We'll give you a hint, he/she is not a celebrity, made up character, or a computer...give up? The new Sultan of the cell phone prank is you!

You might be asking yourself right now "How is this possible, I haven't even pranked anyone yet.". Well don't worry, we at call prank have faith that you've got all the skills necessary to be a successful prankster and confuse your friends and family, all you need is the proper tools to get the job done. What tools am I talking about? Well clearly you're going to need access to a phone, that's half the battle right there. The other pranking tool you need is a spoof card.

Why You Need A Spoof Card

A Spoof Card is the key that makes sure the prank doesn't backfire. With caller ID it's going to be obvious that you're the person calling when you go to prank one of your friends.  The Spoof Card takes care of the caller ID issue by letting you choose what phone number you want to show up on the other persons phone when you call them. As a matter of fact, there's a handful of neat little tools that the Spoof Card comes with that helps pull off the perfect prank. Spoof Card allows you to:

-Manipulate Caller ID
-Choose what your voice will sound like (man, woman, or child)
-Record your pranks

Don't believe us? Try it out for free right now, go ahead.

Why Call Prank Is the Best

Call Prank is the premier site for all of your call pranking needs, we do what we can to deliver you entertainment and the tools that you need to perform your own pranks (or what we like to call "Call Pranks"). After all, it's better to laugh if we're all laughing, that's why we want you to submit the pranks you make with your spoof card to call prank, to help build the pranking community!

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Call prank of the day located at the bottom of our webpage!

Ready for Some Laughs?

Now that you know what the spoof card is and the wonders that it beholds, it's time to take up your crown as the prank master. Call wants to hear your pranks and, if they're funny enough, we'll post them to this site so the whole world can listen and laugh at the hysterical situations you put your friends or family in. Do NOT do anything illegal, we will not post it. Otherwise, it's time to get the laughs up and put the world in hysterics! Buy a spoof card by clicking on the picture below and choose the amount of credits (minutes) you think you'll need. You get 25 minutes for $4.95 (if you're in the US), so it's not expensive, but the jokes you make will be priceless!

Our Call Prank Site Has Moved!!!

Hi everyone,

We've moved the Call Prank site to, this move is helping us expand the site so that it is more full featured!

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Prank of the Day

Call Prank - Prank of the day

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Call Prank Presents, Prank of the Day

Here's our prank of the day. This is a classic call prank favorite known as "You Kicked My Dog!" Listen up and enjoy!

What Does Wikipedia Say About Prank Phone Calls?

To fully understand the art of the prank phone call, we at Call believe you need to understand everything about it including its history. Believe it or not, there is actually a wikipedia page for it. Click Here to go there now to read it if you're interested.